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Nolan Akerley, Chief
Woodridge Fire Department

Years of service: 10


Nolan Akerley doesn’t remember a time when he didn’t want to be a firefighter, but he does remember being a little kid and knowing that both his dad and granddad were firemen, and that firemen were very special.

“Both my father and grandfather were a part of the Woodridge Fire Department,” he says. “Growing up as a young kid, my father, Eric Akerley, served as a chief. Watching him lead the department for several years inspired me to one day be like him.”

Nolan Akerley’s childhood ambition has been realized. He’s chief of that very same department, a third-generation Akerley to serve as a Woodridge first responder.

“I love being able to serve the community with a family of men and women who have the same passion for the fire service and commitment to the training as I do,” he says. “I knew when I was old enough that I’d join and continue the tradition.”

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