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Kallie Tedaldi, Firefighter
Rock Hill Fire Department
Years in Service: Joined January 2023
Occupation: Make-up artist


At first, Kallie Tedaldi simply intended to sign up for fitness classes. They were being offered  at the Rock Hill Fire Department and Tedaldi, who left New York City and circled back to her hometown when COVID hit - was looking for a local place to work out.

So she was half joking when she asked Robbie Green, the Rock Hill chief, if they needed any volunteers.

“The next week he handed me an application,” she says.

That was back in January of 2023. Now Tedaldi, a probationary firefighter, has completed her BEFO training (Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations), and is a bit surprised by the turn her life has taken.

“It’s still shocking to me that I’m doing this,” Tedaldi says. “But I definitely recommend it.”

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