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John Hauschild, Past Chief, Firefighter, Training Officer, Jeffersonville Fire Department; Sullivan County Fire Coordinator.

In Sullivan County, everyone in the fire service knows the name Hauschild. John Hauschild is the county’s Fire Coordinator, and has been in the fire service for more than four decades.


He had, he says, the best role model anyone could ask for. 


“My Dad, he was my hero,” Hauschild says. His father, a past chief, was an active firefighter for 56 years  “He was so committed and dedicated. He always found good in helping people and in his fellow firefighters.”


Pinning a 50-year pin on his father at the department’s annual dinner was one of his best days as a firefighter, he says, comparable only to the day his son joined the department.


“It’s the most rewarding job you will ever have,” he says. “I love what I do.”

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