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Gavin Hauschild, Firefighter

Jeffersonville Fire Department

Years in service: 3
Occupation: College student

It’s the question we all ask high school students when they’re about to graduate.

What’s next?

For Gavin Hauschild, the answer always came easily. For years, as long as he can remember, actually, he has known that he would be a firefighter.

“I joined in 2020 as soon as I turned 16 and was eligible to join,” Hauschild says. “I wanted to be just like my dad and grandfather. My dad is the man and firefighter I hope to be someday. I admire his dedication and commitment and his ability to get dressed and out the door quicker than me.”

Now a college student and studying emergency management, Hauschild’s vision for his future remains unchanged.

“Firefighting is what I see,” he says. “It is something I see myself a part of for the remainder of my life.”

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