Professional Cinematography and Photography



Our team of remote pilots and photographers utilizes fully integrated flying camera systems such as DJI Inspire 2 and the X5s and X7 cameras. We specialize in duel and single operator configurations for still and video capture, hold FAA licenses, and all aircraft are fully insured. We incorporate required commercial safety procedures and have redundancies in place, including at a minimum of two systems ready to fly on every job. Firehouse Road welcomes inquiries from photographers, directors, producers, and agencies.


Whether you need video or interactive content for your website, social media, or broadcast, we bring the right tools, photographers, and talent together. We are experts in documentary, automotive, nature, public safety, news and commercial/residential real estate.


Recognizing the unique capability of UAS (drones) to provide first responders and incident commanders with greater situational awareness, Chris Ramirez provides flight training to public safety agencies as they respond to human-made and natural disasters. Chris is a New York State UAS (drone) Instructor for the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services. Chris has trained the FDNY, FBI, NYPD, and many emergency management agencies on the use of UAS in the public safety arena. He is also an interior firefighter with the Rock Hill Fire Department in Sullivan County, NY, where he leads a team of firefighters using drone technology to enhance situational awareness during emergencies. 

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